Brutal Brendan Barrett Versus Randy "The Wolf" Smith

Welcome to the BBB. If you were looking for the Better Business Bureau then you are reading the wrong article. The BBB I am referring to is none other than the Brutal Brendan Barrett. For those of you who have never heard of him, Brutal Brendan Barrett. B

Welcome to the BBB. If you were looking for the Better Business Bureau then you are reading the wrong article. The BBB I am referring to is none other than the Brutal Brendan Barrett. For those of you who have never heard of him, Brutal Brendan Barrett. Brendan has competed in events such as Reality Fighting, Extreme Challenge, and even the IFL.

Brutal Brendan Barrett has 10 professional fights on his resume. This heavy weight contender is well-rounded and keeps the crowd excited with his devastating power from all positions. He has lost 2 fights by submission, 1 by TKO, and 2 by decision. He has 1 no contest against John Doyle. On the positive note, Brutal Brendan Barrett has 4 wins and his well-rounded skills have paid off in this area to prove that he is not one-sided.

One-sided fighters tend to be forgotten or eventually fans lose interest in them. Brendan has won 2 by submission and 2 by TKO. None of his wins have been by decision, which proves that he is a finisher and not a clock watcher hoping to win by points. This adds to the excitement of this fighter. He is a self employed model and professional fighter. His unique combination of careers just adds to his character as an individual. His hometown is Tuckerton, New Jersey but he currently resides in Oregon.

I was introduced to Brutal Brendan Barrett by a mutual friend we share. I asked Brendan if he would be okay with me writing an article about him and possibly even interviewing him. He respectfully thanked me for my interest in him and agreed. Having an interview with a professional fighter is very exciting for me and it was an honor to have had an exclusive with a competitor with his resume.

I am honored that this tremendous athlete agreed. Brendan has done other interviews on camera through sites such as Mamma,,

Brendan Barrett has an upcoming bout October 23rd in Atlantic City.

Interview with Brendan Barrett:

(Kevin) In every interview I have seen you in, you are always smiling and cracking jokes. You also seem to show a lot of respect for your opponents prior to the fight. Do you ever play the smack talk game of the sport to try and beat down your opponent mentally?

(Brendan) Up until this fight I have never been dragged into smack talking or even contributed to it, there was never a reason. My opponents showed me respect so I showed them the same in return, once we got in the ring, we let our fists do all of the talking. This time however, it seems my opponent, Randy Smith, has gone out of his way to call me out and start the trash talking. I initially just ignored it because I didn't even know who he was, but he kept talking, and just like he intended it to, it caught my attention. The more I saw, heard and read, the more I started to take it personally, which led me to making my personal feelings about him being publically voiced. There has been a tremendous amount of back and forth banter for this fight, and it will only get worse as the fight gets closer, in the end, he may have started it, but rest assured I'll be the one to finish it.

(Kevin) Your tattoos seem to be a big topic in older interviews. Do they have any meaning or relevance to you personally?

(Brendan) Every single tattoo I have on me has a deep and personal meaning. All of the artwork on me is symbolic of my life, things I have been through, things that represent me and who I am, and things I need to constantly keep in mind when times get tough. People seem to appreciate my artwork, but everything I have on me was done for me.

(Kevin) You have fought in Light Heavy and Heavy Weight divisions in the past. Which is your preferred weight class or does it matter to you?

(Brendan) When I started my fighting career I wasn't working out or doing anything physical for a few years. It was an adjustment for my body to get back into the swing of rigorous exercise and working out. Light heavy weight was where I naturally sat at. As my training progressed, I started gaining more and more muscle mass while preparing for fights, to the point where I had to start cutting serious weight to make light heavyweight. The cutting affected my performance in the ring, and after two disappointing fights, I made the switch the heavyweight. I feel much stronger, faster, explosive, and my cardio has almost doubled. At this point I am between 235-240lbs and about as lean as I was at 205lbs. It’s safe to say that my home is in the heavyweight division.

(Kevin) Your wrestling game always looks very strong. I remember watching one of your fights and you were in a sitting position with your opponent standing and leaning over you and in the blink of an eye you had top-control from guard. What kind of wrestling background do you have?

(Brendan) I have over 13yrs of wrestling experience. I was a standout in high school, going I believe it was 39 straight matches without a loss from the summer through my senior year. I continued to wrestle on a collegiate level at one point I was leading the team in takedowns was ranked #1 in the conference. It's funny when people think of me as "just a striker."  My MMA foundation is actually built around my wrestling experience.

(Kevin) In your fights you seem very well-rounded and strike as hard standing up as you do from the ground. You have won a couple of fights by submissions as well. Where have you trained in the past and as long as we are on the topic, where do you currently train?

(Brendan) When I decided to get into MMA, I really didn't know much besides wrestling. Some friends of mine use to train muay thai, and some others taught a mix of Judo and Jiu Jitsu. My basic knowledge came from them. After my 4th professional fight, I started training with the Rhino Fight Team for awhile, and wound up working my grappling and Jiu Jitsu at several different schools in NJ and NY. Currently, I train out in Tigard, Oregon at Next Level.

(Kevin) I watched a boxing sparring match of yours and it showed great improvement in your stand up techniques. Do you have a preference of how you win or does it even matter so long as you win?

(Brendan) Video?!? I thought we were keeping them under lock and key! (Brendan joked). That video is a bit older. We've kept my improvements since then under wraps. I think I strike a lot because that is what is new to me. Coming from wrestling for 13 years, and now you tell me I can haul off and pop someone in the mouth? I really like that. I don't really have a preference to how I end a fight, but I do notice that I do tend to look for a knock out.

(Kevin) You have never won by decision which tells me that you are a finisher. Are you the kind of fighter that sees a decision win as a matter of opinion and politics of the venue or do you feel it is a legitimate win?

(Brendan) Every decision in my career has gone against me. It can get frustrating when even my opponent believes I should have taken the decision. Everyone sees a fight differently, that's the human element in it. Sure there's politics in decisions, which adds to the controversy around close fights, but there's no debating knocking someone out. I like to keep the judges out of it.

(Kevin) So many athletes in this sport use supplements and have sponsors. Are there any supplements in particular that you prefer?

(Brendan) The only supplements I take, if any, are all natural. My nautral path Eric Sauer, R.PH., DHPh. at The Natural Pharmacy does most of my nutrition and all of my supplementation. I will not take anything unless it is from his store, or he has approved it.

(Kevin) Do you have any sponsors that you would like to mention?

(Brendan) Eric Sauer R.PH., DHPh. has been with me since my first fight sponsoring me. His website is Larry Novak of Tattoo Fight-wear has been very supportive and a great guy in my corner since we met. I have has other sponsors who have signed on recently, and are always looking for other sponsors that we think would be a great fit. Anyone interested can get in touch with my PR company, Grit PR and Consulting LLC.

(Kevin) Who do you currently train with?

(Brendan) I mostly focus on training with my instructors and the other fighters at Next Level. I spar with anyone that will get in a ring with me. I work my boxing speed and technique sparring with smaller lighter guys like Kendall Ward.

(Kevin) Tell me about your coaches and training. What are you focusing on for your upcoming fight?

(Brendan) Greg Thompson ties everything together and still continues to train and learn more himself to better his coaching abilities. He also has tremendous strength and conditioning workouts, especially setting up intense circuit training and kettle bell workouts. Eban Kaneshiro has brought a much more of a technique focus to my ground game. He takes my explosiveness and adds a level of technical expertise to it. Khun Kru Jeremy Wijers has truly fine tuned and tightened up my striking. He has brought a different style and type of training angle to my game that has tremendously improved my effectiveness, speed, power, as well as timing. For this fight I am not focusing on any one thing in particular, basically training everything as equally intense. Whether it is my striking, grappling, or strength and conditioning, I am working everything as much as possible to be ready for anything that anyone can bring to the fight.

(Kevin) There are pros and cons about boxing rings and cages depending on the fighter. Will your next fight be in a cage or boxing ring? Which do you prefer?

(Brendan) My upcoming fight will be in a cage. In my second fight I accidentally threw my opponent out of the ring when he rushed in at me, thus ending the fight as a no contest. That being said, it's safe to say I prefer a cage when it comes to MMA. It controls the fight much better and is safer for the fighters.

(Kevin) Your upcoming fight is in Atlantic City on October 23rd. That’s one day after your birthday. Where exactly is the fight and how do fans get tickets?

(Brendan) The fight is at the Taj Mahal Casino. I'll weigh in on my birthday, than give myself a belated gift the next night with a brutal knockout. Fans can get tickets through Justine Carroll via email: All money has to be in by Oct 13th, no exceptions!!! I have to turn all the money in to the promoter after that.

(Kevin) Who is your next opponent?

(Brendan) Randy "The Wolf" Smith

(Kevin) What do you know about your opponent?

(Brendan) He has had 18 pro MMA fights and is going to look to strike with me.

(Kevin) What do you think about him?

(Brendan) I think he should have thought long and hard before opening his mouth and calling me out. He doesn't belong in the same arena as me, and especially not the same cage.

(Kevin) Do you see any weaknesses you plan on exploiting or is that something you don’t want to share?

(Brendan) I study every opponent extensively. But this fight doesn't require much of a strategy. He’s never seen the intensity that I'm going to bring to this fight. He'll see the power though, because I'm going to make sure hes watching the back of his eyelids before the 1st round is over.

(Kevin) How would you prefer to win this fight?

(Brendan) With a knockout so vicious that he retires, permanently. I want him to have panic attacks at just the thought of wearing a pair of gloves on ever again.

(Kevin) Is there anything more you would like to add? Anything at all that you want your fans and my readers to know about you?

(Brendan) Just that I appreciate my fans more than they could ever know. They are the reason that I am here. I want my fans to leave every fight saying "that was just unbelievable. He destroyed him. "In the cage, I want to be the reason someone decides not to get into MMA. I want them to see me fight, and say "if that's what I have to go up against, forget it."

I want to thank Brutal Brendan Barrett for his time and participating in this interview. I truly respect him as an athlete and for giving me the opportunity to interview him prior to a fight. He made the time in his busy schedule to respond to my inquiries. At Brendan’s request, he would like you all to know that his website will be up soon and people can get more info and updates there.

I hope his opponent reads this article. It will not only inform him about the tremendous athlete he will be competing against, but below this final paragraph has the location of the nearest hospital to the casino where the bout will take place after Brutal Brendan Barrett finishes with him. I took the liberty of map-questing directions for Randy “The Wolf” Smith.

Article by Kevin C. Davison

“I write to entertain, and for a cause.”



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