Five Craziest Extreme Sports

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Here are five extreme sports that you might want to try.

Volcano Boarding

Volcano Boarding started in 2005 by an Australian guy in Leon, Nicaragua. They would climb up the Cerro Negro Volcano and with protected jump suit, knee pad and helmet they would surf down the mountain with speed of 80 kilometers per hour. They will use plywood boards that they have designed specifically for this extreme sport. Cerro Negro is a young volcano of about 153 years old that still erupts every few years. This volcano is colored black and full of rocks from different sizes.

Everyone who would like to try this volcano boarding has to go to the summit of the volcano which is about 238 feet, bearing the heat of the sun and the hike going up. A short lesson will be conducted before sliding down.

Cliff Diving

Cliff diving has been around since the 1770 when the King of Hawaii in the Hawaiian Island demanded his men to jump of the cliffs and their feet hitting the water first without a splash. This was a king’s test to prove the men’s loyalty and courage. As years passed, the cliff diving was developed into a sports that manifest a divers courage, its focus and the thrill of the risk he is getting into.

It is the riskiest of all the kinds of dives that intense caution has to be applied. Standards have been place to lessen the risk factor in this sport. For example, women are only to jump the height of 18-23 meters and 23-28 meters for men.

Zorbing Ball

Invented in 2,000, this sport involves a giant plastic ball and a person inside the giant ball going down the slope. This giant plastic ball has another plastic ball inside where the person is being harnessed. The smaller ball inside is being cushioned by a 700 mm of air off the ground. There are two ways that the zorb, by using the harness which is inside the ball or with water so zorber’s can slide inside the zorbing ball as it revolves. This zorbing is also called sphereing or globe-riding which originated in New Zealand.

Air Kicking

Airkicking is a catapult for humans, so extreme that it will send you flying high and into the water or a foam. AirKick device fires with a pre-calculated parabolic trajectory which uses both air pressure and water recoil technology. A special sit is constructed for this sport which is located at the end of the catapult arm. About 60 liters of water are entered through the rocket nozzle which is located under the seat then pressurized. When the participant hits the button he can boost of up to 8 meters into the air.

Crocodile Bungee

Bungee jumping originated in the West Country where they go to the tall structure and jump of using an elastic cord. It can be in the bridge or crane. However, in Australia, bungee jumping has been spiced up. They created a bungee jumping into the water with live crocodiles.  Watch a video of the crocodile bungee.


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