How to Get the Best Results From Your Curves Workout Coupled With Weight Watchers & More

How to Make the Most Out of a Workout Program

I would assume that most of you know about the Curves Workout Program as they are in almost every neighborhood. Curves is such a fun, healthy form of an exercise workout, and who cannot really have 30 minutes total 3 times a week to give themselves the gift of fitness? I have been on all the yo-yo diets and various work out programs and just never seemed to make that long term commitment . . . until now. I want to help you do the same with some simple suggestions.

Staying on a healthy eating plan is just as important, as well. We all wish we could lose weight without any effort but not only is it not realistic, long term it is not a healthy option. Curves have a wonderful Weight Management Plan that you can follow from Curves, which is free. There is just a nominal fee of $8 for the book to follow this healthy plan which basically considers the metabolic changes that occur as you begin to lose weight, keeping you from hitting any plateaus. There are three phases with this plan, basically working with the first two phases in a 30-day cycle to keep the metabolism up. The plan works around 1200 calories for phase 1 (7 days), phase 2 for 23 days and onto phase 3 (2 – 4 weeks), then you start back again to Phase 1 until your desired weight. Within this plan there are two Versions you can choose from, a higher Protein plan where you are allowed more protein grams and less carbohydrates or a higher Carbohydrate plan where you are allowed more carbohydrates and less protein. You still get to eat snacks, free vegetables, take your vitamin and drink plenty of water. This plan has been very successful for many people and there is plenty of support at Curves and on line through The site is free if you get a special code from your nearby Curves.

Losing weight with Weight Watchers just seemed easier for me. I believe most people are familiar with this very popular healthy way of eating. As you probably know, there are meeting places everywhere and you can go online to find the location nearest to your home. Weight Watchers has been proven to be very successful with so many people. If you are like me and not wanting to go to meetings weekly, get weighed by someone else, sit and listen to the “talk”, you can still be very successful by registering online. It costs about $17 per month to follow the plan online, with a discount if you sign up for 3 months. You get all the benefits of the meetings, track all your daily points, your weight, measurements, look up foods, recipes; they have blogs and all kinds of support. I really enjoy the site and get a lot of information out of it. As you know, weight watchers works on a points system but you can virtually eat anything . . . just in limited quantities according to the total number of points you are allowed for your starting weight.

Going to Curves for a while I was not getting the results I wanted to see each month. I was going to be healthy, but of course I wanted to see some kind of changes . . . and it wasn’t happening. I spoke with the staff and now I am working on an advanced plan of the Curves Workout. If you want to see better results I wanted to suggest what you need to do. When you are on each machine, work as hard as you can, as quickly as you can, while counting your repetitions. Do as many of these as you can during those 30 seconds, just walking in place on the recovery boards. Except for the oblique machine, you should be able to do at least 15 repetitions on machine, try to increase that number when you can. It is fun to challenge yourself each time to see if you can beat your own record . . . and when it is time to be measured, I guarantee you will start seeing better results.

Choosing the health plan that works best for you and increasing your workout at Curves, you will be so proud of yourself. If Curves is not your Workout of choice, the main thing is to get motivated and make a commitment for yourself. Attitude is key and a positive mental attitude can be shaped by the choices you make. Chose only the things that will uplift and empower you, and you will succeed. I am still working towards my goals and I wish you all the luck to be able to achieve yours. Just take baby steps to start and keep moving forward until you get where you want to be. Don’t forget to look for family and friends for support. We can do this. Good luck.

I am including a helpful resource you may wish to look into in your quest to a healthier, lighter, more fit YOU.  I absolutely love watching the Biggest Loser and it has been such an inspiration to me and a great success to most people who have struggled with weight issues most of their lives.

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