Shark Attack

Shark attacks have been prevalent along the coastline in west Australia and the peninsula of Victoria. In most situations surfboard riders and divers are targeted.In mornings and evenings are the most likely times as hunger strikes and they have a huge ap

In a recent article, I spoke about a quaint fishing village. This was in the region of Point Lonsdale and Queenscliffe in the Bellarine peninsula of Victoria, Australia. It was speculated that sharks had been sighted and there were some tales in history. In recent weeks, a deep-sea diver went missing from a dive she had completed more than fifty times before. She was a Malaysian who resided in central Melbourne suburbs. A student and animal lover she treated her dives as escapism from reality, as a close friend recalled. After twenty-four hours of searching her diving gear and vest were found thirty metres or ninety feet down with evidence of bites from marine life. In west Australia over the last few months there have been several attacks some have been fatal.

Point Lonsdale was the scene where a deep-sea diver went missing from a group that went out for the afternoon dive. It was reported that she lost her dive buddy, which is virtually unheard of to the trained and knowledgeable ones. There has been a history of deep-sea diving mishaps; some display a mystery to the said facts surrounding a case. In this situation, the first idea to spring to mind was shark attack and other ideas of a more suspicious nature. After twenty-four hours, evidence established the facts that suggest she was the victim of a shark. The boat she ventured from was the S.S Coogee. A university student and trained snake handler. She was of kindred heart a lover of animals who had a menagerie of animals in her studio apartment.

West Australia is a coastline where shark activity has a recent reputation of shark attacks where some have been fatal. The most notorious of victims have been surfboard riders. The most likely times for attacks is when they the shark are most hungry in mornings or evening. In the water, a shark would view the dangling legs of a surfer and it has been suggested they resemble a seal, as it is a favourite on a menu. In earlier times, sharks would savage a limb and perhaps a second bite. They would rarely consume the whole body but it appears taste has changed for the shark.

Deep-sea divers are fascinated and often go out in carter boats and enter a shark cage to be lowered. They can get thrills or record the time with an underwater camera. In the most recent shark attack where a young male was taken by a twelve to fifteen foot shark. He was taken while surfing a friend was with him on a jet ski but the shark went after him when he came close to the scene. There was blood everywhere, when his friend tried to rescue the body the shark took him down deep into the water. The public have seen sharks feeding on whales in mass feeds. There have been restrictions introduced for fishing the oceans to help with balance as sharks have been seen close to shore.


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