What Is Slacklining? How To Slackline Safely

This article explains what slacklining is, and how to do it safely. You should realize that walking a tightrope over a waterfall may result in death in a few seconds if you attempt it without expert supervision, and without the right safety gear and knowl

Slacklining is similar to tight rope walking except the line is made from nylon webbing which is flat and stretchy, The nylon webbing can be adjusted to your weight by tightening and is used in the way you would use a trampoline performing tricks and flips, the line is portable and can be tied between 2 trees or other anchor points and is usually suspended only inches from the ground hence the safety factor is great with minimal injuries.

Starting off you will seem to be very shaky like learning anything new really, remember learning to ride a bike of course it is going to take practice so if this type of challenge interests you practice makes perfect as they say. It is designed and intended to help you with your balancing skills which in turn can help you with playing other sports like tennis and football.

On Your Way To Learn Slacklining

Start off with a shorter length of slackline this will help in stability. As the line gets longer it becomes more bouncy and unstable. A recommended line for beginners is Perfect Tension Slacklines "Performance Line."

Best to start off in bare feet as you will have more grip, you have more control in your big toe so use the balance point with your big toe and second toe including you heel for a good stance and bounce as you improve you can choose to wear your shoes or not.

When first practising to bounce up and down the best starting point on the slackline is in the middle of the nylon rope as that is the less wobbly place for you to begin.

Try to relax as much as possible as this will control the shakiness on the line and focus your eyes on a certain point to help keep you balanced.

Using your arms to help you balance, bend your knees and continue to bounce on one foot, once you think you have mastered the task on the preferred foot usually for 15 seconds without falling off switch to your other foot.

Once you begin to feel comfortable in bouncing on either foot without the wobbles or being shaky start to incorporate moves into your routine, start off simple by walking forward stepping backwards and turning around on the line

Remember to take things slow and don’t get overwhelmed with learning new tricks to quickly you want to get the stability first hand so you don’t hurt yourself when you fall.

Safety And Slacklining

As with any extreme sport like slacklining, or skydiving, it's important to remember that you can die when you plummet to the ground from a great height. Therefore these things are not to be attempted without expert supervision, and with the appropriate safety gear. 


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